May 05,2020

Summit Culture celebrates! Kicking off our fourth year of 'Developing Performance In Leaders'!

I'm very grateful to Katelynne, the fantastic team of Summit Culture Associates, the clients and the partners, who have all helped make the last three years the most enjoyable of my professional career.

Yesterday a colleague and I were discussing the overused phrase 'new normal', agreeing that in terms of what we do, the principles have not changed. Leaders still want to connect, still want straight talk, to cut-thru to the heart of an issue, to make a difference.

Zoom/Teams..whatever... using different media, this is ADDITIVE, not destructive, our normal stays.

The business imperative to 'get things done' remains super-relevant, and viewed empathetically through the lens of the massive global dislocation, we should be provoked to action, not just talk.

Manage the now, seek the next! Thank you for three great years of partnership, looking forward to what's to come!

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