Four down...more to go!

May 04,2021

Feels like yesterday...but it is 4 years ago that I kicked off Summit Culture from the back room of the house, with one old laptop and a printer with a serious attitude problem.

Fast forward 4 years, this work has been the most fulfilling, most interesting of my career. Even in the darkest times of the pandemic, there was never a moment when I wanted to leave and do something else.

One phrase sums it up: "Leap of Faith": from clients willing to back this new enterprise, to industry professionals who gave advice, time and energy into this untested business, to Katelynne and the wonderful Associates who put their names and brands alongside mine, and to friends and family who told me to "go for it....take the leap". All of you have my deepest gratitude.

They say 50% of small businesses fail within 5 years. Maybe it's more since COVID. To that I say, whilst we are only one big error away from being ended, such it is with life. Summit Culture took a leap of faith and didn't just survive 4 years, it has grown and expanded. Onwards to the summit!

PS - Want an HP printer/ornament? He's still in the office cupboard...just let me know :)

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