From Basecamp to Boardroom

November 25,2020

It’s all fun until someone loses an eye”… so said every wise person AFTER the fact!

In conjunction with Profile Search & Selection, Summit Culture today hosted 40+ senior APAC business leaders online to discuss Avoiding Heuristic Traps – the cognitive ‘shortcuts’ that we take to enable efficient decision making. However, when used poorly, heuristic shortcuts can lead to flawed decision-making: both in business, and certainly also in mountaineering, as was the case for Deno's team on Cholatse in the Nepali Himalaya.

Great discussion in the group, an element of ‘choose your own adventure’ as they helped navigate the decisions that Deno and the team had to make in the face of multiple risks on the mountain, and rounding it off with a summary of implications for business leaders.

Thanks to all who attended!

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