Stepping Away

November 09,2021

A taste of my own medicine!

As a coach, I often speak of the need to 'step away' in order to get a bigger view, to get clarity.
In a year of unprecedented growth at Summit Culture in terms of our product offerings, client engagement and scope, it has become apparent that it was time to consider the strategy for next-step scaling, to be ready for whatever 2022 may bring. Yet, it has not been a priority...

So when my 'coach brain' said: "Go get into the mountains, push yourself, don't overthink", that's what I did. 78km, 3-day hike, self-supported, 5000+m of vertical elevation. Just what an old guy like me needed, my version of 'stepping away'! Day One, just focused on the physical, and late on Day Two, without even thinking, I suddenly had the answer that I wasn't even sure I was looking for - Summit Culture's 'next' in terms of strategy and positioning were clear and apparent.

The big reminder was that it doesn't matter WHAT you do, just DO SOMETHING.

Give yourself time, step away from the job minutiae, let the brain breathe. The results are material and powerful.

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