Welcome Back!

May 26,2020

Welcome Back!

Today I was coaching a client who is considering how to best re-ignite and focus her team, as people come back to the workplace.

Summit Culture's POV has consistently been:

  • Stay close to people
  • Give time for non-business business
  • Over-index on multiple connection channels.

Then, as coincidence would have it, at lunchtime today I was reading my favourite window on what's right in the world....Monocle magazine.

Tyler Brule, the Managing Editor has just convened his team to reconnect & reinvigorate.

He says:
"We assembled at Monocle’s HQ for a quick coffee and brisk morning walk through the woods... As I’ve worked with most of my senior team for anywhere from 15 to 23 years, these past two months have marked the longest period of separation both professionally and socially. As we’ve also been living very different lockdowns, I felt that a little urban hike would be a good way for everyone to catch up...before settling down to look at financial forecasts, group structure and new projects... After 90 minutes of chatter and observations we were back at base and it felt like we had all been on an extended summer holiday rather than scattered around London, the English countryside, the heart of Berlin and Zürich’s Kreis 8."

So leaders - what are you doing for your team?

How are you enabling this crucial reconnect?

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