Change Consulting

From matrixed cross-border Organisational Development initiatives to Service Platform implementation, Summit Culture’s team has experience and credentials in dealing with the complex world of organizational change. 

The Summit Culture approach is to start with the end in mind.  

We look through the lenses of People, Process and Product  to understand scope of work, approaches and risks.

Too often, change initiatives are instigated without rigorous due diligence and articulation of risk and desired outcome, and without due concern for the human cost of change.  

Summit Culture has experience and expertise in dealing with the end-to-end project management architecture of change initiatives, the highly nuanced world of short and long-term stakeholder management, as well as critical but oft-overlooked human capital management concerns (ie the human side of change).

Remember: change may be a constant, but that is not an excuse for constant change! 


Summit Culture's bottom line: