Performance Coaching

At Summit Culture, we focus on performance coaching, a proven, world-class methodology that allows clients to drive results in their organisations at an individual and team level.


Bluntly speaking, we are here to help you GET STUFF DONE.


Performance coaching is rigorous, requiring mutual trust and focus.  It allows executives to:

  • reframe their approach to work
  • deepen key relationships
  • close down derailing 'blind spots'


Whilst all our coaches bring their own style based on years of coaching, all subscribe to the Summit Culture Performance Coaching values:

  •   A 'bias to action' with actions to be taken by the clientThis is not a paid coffee-chat.
  • Based on a business need and role-related.  It is not a 'rite of passage' nor based on title.
  • Strengthen capabilities of current performers, not a remedial process for under-performers.
  • Focus on business performance: this is not 'life coaching.'


Summit Culture aligns with the Marshall Goldsmith philosophy of 'Pay Only For Results'.

At Summit Culture, this is known as 'No Change, No Charge'.  If you don't see a material capability uplift as a result of coaching, we will not invoice. We stand by this commitment.

This means we only work with clients we believe will truly benefit from coaching, and we ensure coaching is tied to leadership behaviour change,  endorsed by their stakeholders


Tight, focused, targeted.